My 26th Birthday

I took some photos on my birthday and decided to make a video of them.

Riding Fun

Updated some of this video today.


Caught someone sleeping.

A Day

Photos I took one day.

Photos for Contest

Here are some photos that I entered for a contest.


Just some Flowers I took pictures off and made a video with them.


Added a video about water today. I edited it and took the photos.

Added Some More Photos

Added some photos today. Here is one of the photos

Photo Shoot

I edited this Video. Picture are taken by Toni Bailey and Mike Dubnoff

Portland State

I also made this with sharpies

My Name

I made this with sharpies

More Lines

Here is Lines part 2

A Film Project

A Film microfiction project

Long ago

Pictures of me and I made the video with Toni Bailey Photos


Made a video of pictures I took for a final project

Random Close up

Here is a random picture of oranges

Icy picture

I like how cool this looks.

Another snowy picture

Here is another picture I took of ice

Truth or Fiction

Night Adventure

A night time adventure that I made


I took this picture right out side of my building at Portland State

Drive on Maui

My mom and I driving around Maui, Hawaii when we went to visit

Have Fun

Video that I have made

Picture I like

I like this picture

3d wolf wallpaper Elegant HQ Wallpapers 3D Wolf s Ideas